U-Pick and Fresh Berries

Save money, have fun and maximize nutrition by picking your own berries during our annual U-pick Season

The 2021 U-pick season starts on Tuesday, July 27th 


Please note: we will not be utilizing re-usable totes for U-pick — we have lined, cardboard boxes for purchase ($1.75) or you may bring your own containers.

Credit cards are accepted in the patch this year on purchases over $25.  Smaller totals are subject to a $3 surcharge.


Twin Creek’s U-pick blueberries are available at slightly different times each year, weather-depending, usually beginning in late July and throughout the month of August.

And, only $2.25 per pound!  Some people spend a few minutes and pick enough for a snack, some people take the whole day, haul out 80# and spend the next several days freezing and packing them for the Winter.

While a day in The Patch can be a wonderful and unforgettable experience, all that work might not appeal to you. If not, come on up to the Berry Building, back towards the highway and down the Southern fork — we’ve got plenty of frozen fruit already perfectly frozen, sorted to perfection and packaged for $4.25 per pound.

Patch Rules

  • Do NOT remove green harvest totes from The Patch
  • No  Dogs
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Please be considerate of your fellow pickers
  • No running
  • All U-Pick berries MUST be paid for BEFORE leaving The Patch
  • All pickers MUST wash their hands before entering The Patch

Thank you for your help keeping The Patch a fun and safe space for everyone!

Tips for the Patch

  • Sunscreen is helpful, since it’s almost always sunny this time of year and cool temps keep you from noticing the beginnings of a burn
  • Bring small buckets to pick your berries into so so the bottom layer isn’t crushed
  • Try to pick only fully blue fruit; leave the sour, pink and green berries to ripen
  • Bring plenty of liquids, and stay hydrated
  • Uneven, bumpy ground!  Be VERY careful of the drainage ditches that go down the middle of each row
  • Please observe the 10mph speed limit on the Ranch Road to help keep the dust down

We look forward to seeing you in The Patch this year!